Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Right Ways to Cure Boredom

"Life is always fair, it is you who creates an unfair reality" 
                                                               - Kamalo (Me)

Many times during the day we find ourselves feeling bored. Either we are studying, surfing the internet, playing games or even when we are doing nothing...we tend to feel bored at one point or another.

The approach for most people is chatting or texting, which can also lead to boredom and you find yourself texting your friend saying: "I'm bored :("

What most people say?

When you text someone saying: "I'm bored", you get unlimited replies. Many of them are just pure bullshit!!! You get things like: "Go have a walk", "Workout!", "If you are good at drawing/singing/composing then go for it" or "Cook something". These are all good things to do ofcourse, however not when you are bored! When you are bored, it's because you are very lazy or very tired, so things that require physical energy or a lot of thinking won't help.

You also get replies that requires almost 0 energy, which is equally bullshit as it can lead to gaining weight, like: "Watch TV", "Download and watch a series", "Play a game on your console" or "Read a magazine". These are also OK to do, but also not when you are bored. When you are bored you lose sense of time, so you can watch TV or play a game for a long time without realizing it. So what happens is that you gain nothing but weight and you lose valuable time!


The Right Things to Do!!

As we discussed earlier, when you feel bored, it is pretty hard to do something active (unless forced to). At the same time doing nothing is also a bad idea. These are some useful things to do, with reasons why they will help you and cure your boredom.


1. Be Grateful

*Personal recommendation for a daily basis*

Lots of people say that the secret to happiness is to be positive. It is true but it is no the secret. Being positive will aid you to be happy ofcourse, but the BIG secret to happiness is GRATITUDE!!! When you are grateful for what you have, when you FEEL the love for what you have, this feeling will raise your emotional state and make you feel happier and more energetic. Either it is something you have or someone you love, feel the love and gratitude towards them. See your whole mood change at this moment, as well as the big push you get from being recharges with positive energy.

Why is this a cure for boredom?

Not only will it make you happy and energetic, it will also keep you busy all the time. You will always be busy saying 'Thank You' to everything and everyone around you. As you notice the amazing changes in your life, you will be always wanting to be even more and more grateful. This alone is enough to cure boredom for life!

2. Reading and Knowledge 

You might have heard this before. However, this type of reading and knowledge is different. It is perfectly fine to read a story, it isn't wrong ofcourse. I just have some additions in ways you can obtain knowledge.

I don't care if you are a nerd, bookworm, normal person, gamer or someone who doesn't care about anything much. We all have interests. From cars, airplanes and engines to paperwork, art and sculpting. You may love certain topics like geography, history, wildlife or supernatural phenomenon. That is all great and would be greater if you have all the knowledge you need about what interests you.

Knowledge doesn't necessary mean books! It also include searching the internet, watching videos on a particular topic to learn something new. Find your passion and throw yourself out there. The Internet is MASSIVE!!! The resources you have are unlimited. Who knows? you might discover something new and become famous. You can find a new topic of interest to you. You may even discover a new talent in you.

Why is this a cure for boredom?

It will always keep you on the move to know more, it will be a natural instinct for you to discover more. You won't even feel that you have the time to be bored, because whenever you have nothing to do, you will be driven by strong passion and love towards what you love and what makes you feel happy and energetic.

3. Visualize

*I recommend you buy the book or watch the movie "The Secret". It will change your life!*

If you know the hit movie 'The Secret (2006)', you would have some clue about what I am about to talk about.

To visualize is to close your eyes and use your deep feelings, emotions and imagination to focus on the things you want most. Take all the time you need to feel the love that surrounds you as you imagine having those things you want most. How would you react when you get it? How would you feel when you finally have it? What will you do when you can at last hold it in your hands? Will you be happy and grateful?

This is an extremely powerful process to significantly positively alter your mood and energy. You can stay feeling the love and joy you had just experienced for hours, days and even weeks, depending on your daily vibes and thoughts. Use it well, it can really change your whole life!

Why is this a cure for boredom?

Unless you are some weird person who loves being sad and angry all the time, everyone else in the world is seeking two main thing. Love and Happiness!!! It's never a waste of time to feel happy and enlightened. You will look forward to every short period of free time so you can just experience this miraculous feeling of love and joy. You would deeply wish to feel like this all the time till it becomes a wonderful habit. Now see your amazing life change ♥

4. Praying

*For those who believe in God*

Praying is an excellent way to cure boredom and at the same time getting you closer to your Creator. All Religions have different ways of praying, but they all tend to do one thing to make us feel calm and relaxed.

Most people like to go visit Holy and Sacred places according to their Religion. This also helps in relaxing yourself and freeing your mind. It also allows you to look at the World in a different way. Knowing that there is something out there bigger than us, this will always increase our faith and love in what we believe to be true. Praying, reading Holy Scripts and chanting are all similar to each other and all do the same job in taking you to a new and quiet and relaxing reality.

Why is this a cure for boredom?

Most of us feel we should be getting closer to our Creator, which is never a waste of time. There is small effort to do and a huge amount of happiness and relaxation in return. Pray and ask for what you want. Ofcourse the most important thing is to 'Thank You Creator' for all the good things and all the awesome people you know.

5. Meditation

*For those who have an Open-Mind*

Meditation is one of the most beautiful ways to advance in your life. You sit down or lay on your bed or get into a comfortable position, you then take a couple of deep breaths and the Magic begins!

There are lots of ways to meditate. That would take an entire blog to talk about. Hopefully, I will be blogging about meditation soon :)

For the time being I present you the best two videos about meditation in my personal opinion:

As you have seen, meditation is the ultimate way to free your mind and to relax. When you are completely relaxed, you have the power to control your well-being, focus on something that makes you happy, better visualization and even try to draw your bright future through your imagination.

Why is this a cure for boredom?

The ease of falling into a deep relaxation state can get you to forget the time, so make sure you set an alarm clock! The ultimate beauty and magic of only focusing on one thing while all your other thoughts are blocked out will just let you live in a different amazing reality.

6. Quantum Jumping

*For those who have an Open-Mind*

Quantum Jumping is one of those things that all skeptics don't believe in. If you follow any religious beliefs and the New Age Motion, you would know that there are dimensions  There are 7 main dimensions with millions in between according to their frequency, but that's a topic for another time.

Quantum Jumping is also a huge topic that requires a blog by itself, but as a summary you should know that Quantum Jumping is the process of shifting yourself into another dimension to see yourself living in a different reality of its own. You can be living in a reality of wealth, prosperity, fame, business, celebrity  and much more. You get to ask your dimensional duplicate on what they did to achieve this reality, and they might give you a useful reply that might change your entire life forever.

This has been practiced for centuries and the ones who knew about that kept it for themselves. However, a kind 80-year old man finally decided to share the reason for his ultimate success in a bunch of different activities. His name is Burt Goldman; visit his website to get awesome audio tutorials where he teaches you all you need about Quantum Jumping.

Why is this a cure for boredom?

The fun and amazement of seeing yourself living in many different realities is breathtaking. When you get an answer from your dimensional duplicate and find yourself living in his reality will make you want to want more, learn more and encourage you to do all the awesome activities and hobbies that life has to offer, so no more boredom :)

7. Astral Projection

*Personal Recommendation (as they say: "Leave the Best for the Last")*

*For those who have an Open-Mind*

Whatever fun, excitement and joy you will have in your life..NOTHING will compare to the fun you would have when you Astral Travel. I personally recommend you try and learn this, because this is the MOST amazing experience you will ever have in your life.

Astral Projection also needs an entire blog to talk about. Fortunately, I already wrote a small blog about Astral Projection (click here). I mentioned the basics and only a few techniques, however there are a lot more to it and many more techniques for you to learn. The rush of adrenaline and the excitement you get when you separate your soul from your Physical body into the 5th dimension compares to nothing you will ever experience. The things you can do in the Astral Planes are limitless. Personally, I fly around all the time :D

This is a very good video with an interesting animation that I think you might like:

Why is this a cure for boredom?

It might take some practice to achieve a successful OBE (Out of Body Experience). However, when you experience it for the first time, you will die for more. This will also completely eliminate the fear of Death (if you have one). If you are feeling bored, then it's time to Astral Travel!

8. Murder People and Invite Aliens to Invade Us

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